Ataria is an immersive VR and cinematic studio. We produce 360 and 180 shorts and documentaries in virtual reality, as well as feature films, commercials and web content. Our VR180 work has been featured on the Oculus store.


Hannah Swayze is a film and VR producer from Los Angeles, California with a background in creating Chinese content. Fluent in Mandarin, she's worked with the Guggenheim, Project Projects, John Yuyi, Sui He and others. Recently, her short film she produced with Mike Fontaine ‘Häxan’ premiered at the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona. Currently she’s working on independent VR and Film projects in New York City, Shanghai, and LA.


Daniel Contaldo is a cinematographer and VR producer from Florence, Italy, currently based in NYC. He shoots narrative and documentary work, as well as commercial projects in film and VR with a range of clients including the NYTimes, Facebook, McDonalds, and Unicef. He strives to shoot projects that advocate a positive social impact and push the boundaries of art and technology.